Sailing Enter 360 on YouTube!

As you might have noticed the site have been kind of neglected the last year. Despite having no new content I notice there is still quite a few who visit the page. I will try to make good by being better at updating the next year, and this time also on YouTube.

20170516_113626Although the site might have been unchanged the last year my Enter ‘s/y Dutchess’ certainly have not. This spring we unmounted the keel to finally fix the leaking keel bolts. I will write something or make a video about that and some other projects in the coming weeks. medium_P3C_01

We have also been out cruising and last summer in the High Coast of Sweden. I was planning on making fantastic videos from the trip using our new DJI Phantom 3 drone but unfortunatly it got wasted after a bad landing on the boat at sea outside Öregrund. Now it sleeps with the fishes at 40 meters depth.

But shame on him for giving in! This year I’ve got a new Phantom 3 and the plan is to go to Estonia this time. Hopefully there will be some nice videos from that trip to show.

So please stay tuned! You who like to hear about DIY projects concerning the Enter 360 have come to the right place. 🙂

Fair winds, Lasse W

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